TooDo 1.7

Manage your tasks and appointments effectively


  • Customizable alerts
  • Organize todos into categories
  • Apply 'Contexts' to your tasks
  • Useful Demo mode


  • Some interface elements are a bit confusing

Very good

TooDo helps you manage your time more effectively, using an elaborate system of reminders to ensure that everything gets done on time.

Starting up TooDo gives you a colorful, if slightly cluttered, main interface where you can start managing your tasks (or Todos as they're referred to in this app). Enter the Todos menu and you can start created tasks in TooDo, entering information such as the title, author, due date, category and severity. You can also enable vibration or audio reminders, choosing the time to set the reminder for.

One nice feature of TooDo is its Contexts system, which allows you to set where you are or what you're doing at a given time (e.g. At Work, Leaving work, At Home, Traveling, Busy, etc.), and these can be customized, so you can add your own. The beauty of these Contexts is that they can be linked in with your Todos, so that you will only get reminders in certain circumstances.

Another advantage of TooDo is the fact that it can be synchronized with Remember The Milk or Toodledo, allowing you to manage all your tasks from these services within TooDo.

There are a few elements in the TooDo user interface that annoyed me somewhat, such as the fact there are no highlights on the Current Context and Alerts options in the main menu, and there are no tool tips to explain what some of the more ambiguous icons do.

But on the whole, TooDo proves to be an extremely useful application to help you get things done quickly and easily.

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